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AUTHORATIY SECTION. As a teacher, I love sharing the joy of music with others in a safe and supportive environment. My delight comes from watching others excel in their musical exploration. I pride myself in tailoring your musical education to your personal needs. I'm honored you trust me to join you on this journey! Marnie is a James Hill Ukulele Initiative Certified Teacher. Has Lovetri Institute. Tom Burke, Robert Sussuma, My unique perspective as a performer and teacher...

Creating engaging storytelling by building your authentic voice through technique and fun play.

Building your lesson plan based on where you are with your playing and what your goals are.


Looking to build both skills? Individual guidance for each instrument and accompanying technique to master your storytelling

Get the specialized coaching you need to land your dream role, prepare for your dream role, be accepted into your favorite choir, or get into the college program of your dreams.