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Voice & Ukulele Lessons
Online and in Denver, Colorado

Boutique music lessons for oddball teens (and adults)
searching for their inner rockstar.

Is your teen looking for somewhere to fit in?


Image by Oksana Manych

Are you dreaming of moving from your car to the karaoke stage or open mic?

Have you been told that music isn't for you?


I'll let you in on a secret... all music makers deal with doubt. We are led to believe that music is "just for professionals.” Wrong!

Music is for everyone. That includes you! And you’re in the right place.


At Marnie Ward Voice & Ukulele Studio you are free to explore your musical creativity, to take risks, break through the insecurity, and be audacious in your musical endeavors. Yes, you, being audacious.


Making music is more than the sound you create but the confidence you build (in all aspects of your life),  to be courageous (onstage and off), and explore what’s possible in your musical artistry!


What would you create if you had no doubts? 

What if you had permission

to create like

5-year-old you used to do?


I bet you would soar!

Sun Roof Party

The journey begins here... 3 steps to your inner rockstar!



Voice or Ukulele? 


Give me your digits!


Let's connect!

I LOVE sharing the joy of music with people. I've been performing for, ahem, 30 years and hope to pass along some of my *not-so-secret-secrets* to you! My delight comes from watching people take risks in their musical exploration - heck, that means you trust me enough to make mistakes in my presence. I'm honored. (Secret #1: we get better by making mistakes)

I pride myself in tailoring your musical education to your personal needs, wants and desires. I specialize in teaching vocal musical theatre and CCM styles; if your jam is the ukulele, let's go from strumming to chord melody and everything in-between! 

Not to toot my own horn but I've done A LOT of foo-foo educational thingys during my lifetime. I'm honored to have studied with some awesome people like James Hill, Jeanie Lovetri, Tom Burke, and Robert Sussuma, to name a few.  They have helped me become a better teacher so I can pass that knowledge off to you - so I'm glad you're here, open and willing, to receive.

I'm honored you trust me to join you on this creative journey! Now, let's have some fun!!!

Creating engaging storytelling by building your authentic voice through technique and fun play.

Building your lesson plan based on where you are with your playing and what your goals are.


Looking to build both skills? Individual guidance for each instrument and accompanying technique to master your storytelling

Get the specialized coaching you need to land your dream role, prepare for your dream role, be accepted into your favorite choir, or get into the college program of your dreams.

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